Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Thinking of You - available

This is another Beeswax ATC - I love how it softens the image. I deliberately left the wax a bit thicker in places to give my ATC an 'aged' look.
I don't use any expensive tools, just a jug of boiling water to keep an old flat knife in ( to spread the wax) a wooden Macdonalds coffee stirrer to stir the wax, an old spoon to ladle it out of it's little stainless steel bowl, and my heat gun, to manipulate the wax round my cards ....the only other tool is a pair of tweezers to pull the bowl of wax on and off my hob...so you don't need state of the art expensive stuff, which I couldn't afford anyway, I use what I have to hand, and it works for me........after stamping I just used a few faux jewels to break up the flatness of the ATC ..


Kristen Hermanny said...

Pretty, Ed. I love the texture that I can see. I bet it is even more prominent in person...
I really like these Beeswax pieces that you make.


Heather Robinson said...

Oh I love the warmth that beeswax gives to pieces. You look as though you are really enjoying playing with it. I love it too!

Ginger said...

Beautiful blog and cards . You do such great art please drop by and pick up your award congrats!Thinking of you!