Monday, 17 November 2008

Heart - Traded

The scan doesn't do the gold embossing on this atc justice .....

EDIT - This ATC has now gone to a new home.


Lynifyni said...

Just found your new blog, Ed! Very nice...and "Heart" is absolutely stunning! Lovely work, as always, my friend! Hugs, Lynn

Ozstuff said...

The scanning does well enough because the result on your blog is just beautiful. I love the simplicity of it, bearing in the mind that it was probably no simple matter to achieve such a result.

Jane said...

Hi Ed
I would love to swap this ATC with you please, I will now go and choose another one. They will be in trade for the 2 you have requested on my blog. Thank you, and thanks for the award too, I will post it on my blog shortly and wear with pride.
Jane x

Jane said...

Hi Ed, I would love this ATC to be my 2nd choice for the trade please, if it's still available!
many thanks